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Head of Hepato-Gastroenterology department


City: Marseilles

Institution: Hopital Saint Joseph, Sce hépato gastro entérologie


Biography of Marc BOURLIERE

Marc Bourlière , received his medical degree in 1987 from Marseilles University in Marseille, France. He completed his fellowship training at Marseilles University hospital and in Beaujon University hospital in Paris. He was assistant in Hepatology in Conception University hospital in Marseilles before taking up his current position as head of the Hepato-Gastroenterology department at Hospital Saint Joseph also in Marseilles.


Dr Bourlière and his group have participated in hepatitis B and C and HCC clinical trials; His current research focus is the use and development of non invasive biomarkers in hepatitis and the development of new antiviral therapy for hepatitis C.


Dr Bourlière has published more than 190 papers or chapters in international journals and books focused on hepatitis B and C. As well as reviewing for many specialist journals, he has served as member of the editorial board of Gastroenterologie , Clinique et Biologique.


Dr Bourlière belongs to the French Agency for AIDS and hepatitis research (ANRS) and he heads the ANRS group that coordinates hepatitis clinical therapeutic trials (AC24). He is also member of several professional societies including the French and European associations for the study of the liver.

PHC's participations

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