Word of the president

Dear Colleagues and Friends,president_small


We are pleased to welcome you at the 10th Paris Hepatology Conference (PHC).


As usual, the meeting will provide state of the art information on the management of patients with liver disease by highly renowned international experts who will present the most recent results in the field and their clinical applications.


Thanks to the outstanding progress made in the treatment of hepatitis C with the new direct acting antiviral combinations, almost all these patients can now potentially be cured, including formerly «difficult to treat» patients (those with cirrhosis, co-
infection with HIV and transplantation…). These combinations are well tolerated and highly effective with shorter treatment (high SVR rates after 12 weeks of treatment and a significant proportion of the population that responds after only 8 weeks).


Indeed, these advances raise the issue of how to facilitate access to treatment in more patients to reach the now realistic objective of eradicating hepatitis C.
Eradication of HCV is now a dream shared by experts all over the world. To reach this goal a joint strategy is necessary involving different regions and countries. This will be debated during this PHC.


The goal of therapy in hepatitis B is now more ambitious: HBsAg loss and a clinical cure. Extensive research is focusing on viral eradication by developing new drugs with different mechanisms of action and different targets. Hopefully, within the next five years, safe combinations of potent antivirals, an effective immune-modulator and a drug interfering with protein synthesis or assembly will become available, with the ultimate goal of silencing or eradicating cccDNA.
For the first time this year, the PHC program includes outstanding experts in specific sessions and workshops to address unmet needs: NASH, HCC and end-stage liver disease, all difficult diseases with clinical issues commonly faced by all specialists.


As in previous PHCs, interactive discussions and specific lunch workshops have been organized to apply results to the management of real life patients. Indeed, the ultimate goal of the PHC 2017 is to review the most current knowledge and discuss their therapeutic applications with the most experienced experts to provide optimal therapies and the best chance of cure to as many patients as possible, worldwide.


We wish you a fruitful and pleasant meeting,




Professor Patrick Marcellin.

President of the 10th Paris Hepatitis Conference