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Chief of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Service


City: Modena

Institution: Clinica Santa Chiara SA


Biography of Stefano BELLENTANI

Past and present work :

1979-1981 : General Practitioner at the Azienda USL Carpi (Modena), Italy

1982-1983 : GI Fellow at the UCSD San Diego, CA, USA

1983-2015 G.I. Consultant of the Italian National Health System at “Ramazzini” Hospital,

Carpi (Modena).

July 2014-March 2015 G.I. Consultant at Royal Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital, U.K. November 2015-June 2016 G.. Consultant at Frimley Park Hospital, Frimley, London, U.K July 2015-present Chief of Gastroenterology & Hepatology Service at Clinica Santa Chiara-

Locarno, Switzerland.

Research activity :

Dr.Bellentani research activity is mainly in the Hepatology and Gastroenterology fields:

For basic science research:

1997. physiology of biliary secretion

1998. bile acids hepatocyte transport and metabolism

1999. organic anions hepatocyte transport

2000-present: experimental cholestasis, alcoholic liver disease, NASH

For clinical research:

2000. Clinical epidemiology (Gastroenterology)

2001. Epidemiology of chronic liver diseases (hepatitis, liver steatosis, alcoholic liver disease) 2002-present: liver steatosis, NAFLD, AFLD, NASH, ASH, nutrition (food and drinking habits), therapy of chronic liver diseases


Dr. Bellentani is authors of 150 publications (Total I.F. = >450); in details:

92 publications in international peer-reviewed journals;

21 on national journals;

37 chapters of books

Furthermore, he is author of 150 abstracts selected for oral or poster presentations at both national and international meeting. He is considered an International Opinion Leader in the Epidemiology of Chronic Liver Disease, NAFLD and NASH

PHC's participations

11th PHC – 2018

Monday, January 15th 2018

Worldwide Epidemiology of NAFLD -

Tuesday, January 16th 2018

Luncheon Workshops - (chairman)

10th PHC – 2017

Monday, January 30th 2017

Epidemiology of NASH -