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Savino BRUNO

Professor of Gastroenterology, Director of Internal Medicine and Liver Unit


City: Milan

Institution: AO Fatebenefratelli e Oftalmico


Biography of Savino BRUNO

Having studied medicine at the University of Milan, Italy, Savino Bruno went on to complete a post-graduate degree in Internal Medicine at the University of Pavia, Italy. He became accredited as a full Professor of Gastroenterology at the Italian National Professorship Qualification in 2013, December. Professor Bruno spent 20 years in the post of Lecturer within the Academic Department of Medicine, University of Milan, Italy. He is now the Head of the Internal Medicine and Liver Unit, AO Fatebenefratelli e Oftalmico, Milan, Italy, a post he has held since 2003. Professor Bruno is Associate Editor of BMC Gastroenterology, a member of the World Journal of Hepatology (WJH) and Liver International Editorial Board and an editorial referee for a number of other journals, including Hepatology and Gastroenterology. His main research interests include the natural history and treatment of chronic hepatitis, including HCC, the epidemiology and natural history of NASH and the assessment and treatment of portal hypertension. Since 2000 he has been involved in several clinical trials for the treatment of patients with either chronic hepatitis C or chronic hepatitis B. Professor Bruno has published more than 250 articles and 100 full papers in peer-reviewed journals (h-Index 33, based on 4836 citations).

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