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City: Paris

Institution: University of Paris-VII (Hôpital Beaujon, Clichy)


Biography of Laurent CASTERA

Laurent Castera (MD, PhD) is Professor of Hepatology at the University of Paris-VII (Department of Hepatology, Hopital Beaujon, Clichy, France) and Visiting Professor of Medicine in University College of London (Institute of Liver and Digestive Health, Royal Free Hospital London, UK). He received his Medical degree from the University of Paris-VI and his PhD from the University of Paris-XII. His research interests focus on non-invasive methods for liver fibrosis assessment, NAFLD and viral hepatitis. He has published more than 180 papers in international peer reviewed journals and also serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Hepatology, Gut and Liver International. He has been the chairman of the first international guidelines on the use of non-invasive tests (EASL-ALEH Clinical Practice Guidelines J Hepatol 2015). He has served on the Scientific Committee of the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) from 2011 to 2013 and on the Council of UEG since 2017. He has been a member of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL) Governing Board from 2012 to 2013, EASL Vice Secretary from 2013 to 2015 and EASL Secretary General from 2015 to 2017.

PHC's participations

Wednesday, March 29th 2023

Staging and prognosis -

Wednesday, March 29th 2023

Staging and prognosis -

Tuesday, March 09th 2021

CONFERENCE (chairman)

13th PHC – 2020

Monday, January 13th 2020

LUNCH WORKSHOPS - 4. Non invasive tests for NASH : are we there yet ?: Room 252B (chairman)

Tuesday, January 14th 2020

Non invasive markers in NAFLD -

12th PHC – 2019

Monday, January 14th 2019

How to characterize NASH? (chairman)

Tuesday, January 15th 2019

LUNCH WORKSHOPS AND SPECIAL LUNCH SYMPOSIUM - 3-Diagnosis and monitoring of NASH, which markers to use and how to evaluate the risk of HCC: Room 241

4th PHC – 2011

Monday, January 17th 2011

Serum markers or Fibroscan vs liver biopsy? -

5th PHC – 2012

Tuesday, January 31st 2012

Interactive Luncheons - Room 8 -

6th PHC – 2013

Monday, January 14th 2013

Interactive luncheons - Room 4 (chairman)

7th PHC – 2014

Tuesday, January 14th 2014

Are non-invasive markers of fibrosis reliable? -

11th PHC – 2018

Monday, January 15th 2018

Indirect markers -

Tuesday, January 16th 2018

Luncheon Workshops -

10th PHC – 2017

Tuesday, January 31st 2017

LUNCH WORKSHOPS - 13-How to manage patients with NASH? -

8th PHC – 2015

Tuesday, January 13th 2015

The control of HBV related liver disease (chairman)

9th PHC – 2016

Monday, January 11th 2016

Lunch Workshops - Room 253

Tuesday, January 12th 2016

What's new in hepatitis B? (chairman)